I completed this group project Spring 2015 in User Experience Practice, taught by Professor Holly Quarzo. The main goal of realigning this site was to help users better navigate and learn about the many features and benefits that the Atlanta Public Library system offers. All work you see below is a result of the combined efforts of myself, Cecilia Villegas, and Hao-Wen Yang.

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The Solution


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Design Process: Logo

Before we started realignment, we wanted to address the branding of the Atlanta Fulton Public Library System. Our first decision was to shorten the name to Atlanta Public Library in order to make it easier to remember. Then, we developed a logo that was fresh, friendly, simple, and was easily scalable for responsive devices.


Logo Sketch 1

Logo Sketch 2

Logo Sketch 3

Logo Sketch 4

Logo Sketch 5

Logo Sketch 6

Logo Sketch 7

Logo Sketch 8

Logo Sketch 9

Logo Sketch 10


Logo Comp 1

Logo Comp 2

Logo Comp 3

Logo Comp 4

Logo Comp 5

Logo Comp 6

Final Logo

Design Process: Website

Our design process is outlined below or can be accessed by clicking the button. We began our process with a hearty research document that lead to creation of personas, followed by the sitemap, sketches, wireframes, and style tiles.



Home Sketch 1

Home Sketch 2

Home Sketch 3

Home Sketch 4

Home Sketch 5

Home Sketch 6

Search Results Sketch 1

Search Results Sketch 2

Search Results Sketch 3

Detail Page Sketch 1

Detail Page Sketch 2

Detail Page Sketch 3



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Style Tiles

Version 1 (by Jenny Lanier)

Version 2 (by Cecilia Villegas)

Version 3 (by Hao Wen Yang)