Berkley is a fishing company that manufactures some of the most popular equipment and tools on the market, including Trilene and Nanofil fishing lines. Moroch holds the business for many fishing brands under the Pure Fishing umbrella, but most of my work was for Berkley. My scope for this client included TV, print, and packaging.



Berkley Nanofil is a fishing line that is renowned for its distance and accuracy. I combined the imagery of a ripple and target to convey this selling point.

CW: Lindsay Yager, CD: Ray Sturdivant, ECD: Jim Sykora


Berkley's Gulp! Alive! is one of the company's best selling baits because of its ability to attract fish.

CW: Lindsay Yager, CD: Ray Sturdivant


Talent rights prevent me from posting the spots on my site, but you can contact me for a demo reel.


Trilene is one of the most trusted lines on the market. For this spot, we gave the product a "voice" and explored the promises it makes to the angler who uses it.

CW: Lindsay Yager, CD: Ray Sturdivant