DFW was one of my primary clients at Moroch. Working on the DFW account gave me a lot of experience with B2B marketing because much of their marketing collateral was not consumer-facing.



This ad ran in the Netherlands and promoted new direct flights from Amsterdam to DFW.

CW: Lindsay Yager, CD: Ray Sturdivant & Chris Shafer

Terminal A (Runway Magazine)

In 2012, DFW launched Runway Magazine in an effort to provide useful information for travelers. I illustrated this spread to promote the renovation of Terminal A in the airport.

CW: Artie McGibben, CD: Ray Sturdivant

Flights of Fancy (Runway Magazine)

This spread also appeared in the inaugural edition of Runway. Its purpose was to direct travelers to high end shopping options.

CW: Lindsay Yager, CD: Ray Sturdivant

Texas to Go (Runway Magazine)

Texas to Go showcased the Texas-themed gifts one could find at the airport.

CD: Ray Sturdivant & Chris Shafer

Cutting Edge Carry On (Runway Magazine)

This spread featured some of the coolest gadgets and tech gifts at the airport.

CW: Lindsay Yager, CD: Ray Sturdivant


RFP Brochure

DFW distributed this brochure to potential concessionaires in order to explain the benefits of setting up shop at the airport.

CW: Chris Shafer, CD: Ray Sturdivant