Our mission is to teach pet owners how to make easy, inexpensive, and healthy treats for their canine companions in fun and social environments. A portion of our proceeds benefit local pet shelters.

About Doggy Bites

I had been searching for some fun cooking classes in Austin around the same time I started needing to buy healthier, low ingredient treats for my dog, Koda. After poking around to see if there was a class that piqued my interest, I realized I wanted to find a cooking class to teach me how to make my own dog treats. But that didn't exist...yet.

That's where I had the idea for Doggy Bites. This project is newly incepted, so I am still working through some of the logistics. I'm very excited to share its beginnings with you.



The beginning of any project starts with a logo. This mark incorporates a playful illustration style to set an engaging tone. Orange feels energetic, yet warm; the coral accent is bright and sociable. I used the typeface Superclarendon as a nod to the educational aspect of these classes.



I used Squarespace to develop the website for Doggy Bites because it is secure enough to facilitate event registration and also has capabilities for expanding into e-commerce. Learn more about Doggy Bites or, better yet, register for one of our events.