I participated in IBM's Maelstrom internship from January to March of 2016 in Austin, Texas. We were a group of thirteen researchers, visual artists, developers, and illustrators who lived and breathed software product design for ten weeks. Throughout our internship, we worked on a total of three projects. Much of the work we produced during our time at IBM is going into production, so please contact me to reuqest a password to view this content.

Incubator Project

The Creative Engine

My team, a.k.a. The Creative Engine, worked on this project for 6 weeks. We were tasked with creating a system to help designers use the IBM Design Language more proficiently in their workflows. I'm the one in the black dress in the video.


Coming Soon: Refining the Onboarding Process

For our first project at IBM, all 13 of us designed a solution to help streamline the onboarding process at IBM in order to make new hires feel supported, engaged, and informed. Oh, and we only had 2 weeks.


Coming Soon: Recruiting for Maelstrom

Halfway through our incubator projects, we were assigned a microproject as a "palette cleanser." At the time, there was no online resource that could provide information about the Maelstrom program or how to apply for it. We used this as an opportunity to market the internship according to our own experiences.

We designed a site and shot and edited two videos as part of our deliverable. This project was completed in one week. Shout out to pizza and coffee for making it possible!